Spreading Yourself Too Thin To Wiggle Out Of Financial Anguish? You Can Strike it Rich With A Lump-Sum For Your Structured Settlement Proceeds

Vermont fashioned a Structured Settlement Protection Act in 2012 to establish a regulatory regime for the sale of vested rights to receive periodic payments obtained in a tort claim to a factoring company for a scaled lump sum amount. The law regulates the market practices of structured settlement funding companies in the business of buying and restructuring structured settlement receivables. At any rate, the structured settlement transfer must be approved by a court due to the 40% federal excise tax where parties skip the judicial process. The National Association of Settlement Purchasers (NASP) created in 1996 by funding companies has a few members known to adhere to the industry’s finest standards. The NASP educates the public and puts input in the enactment of Structured Settlement statutes in all states, including Vermont.

Mark Henderson is the payee of a structured settlement annuity and payments with lifetime monthly installments and lump sum annuities payable at specified dates in the future. The originally structured settlements entitle him to payments of $1200 per month and ten lump sum annuities scattered throughout the years in future. Henderson is a seasoned farmer in Vermont rearing swine which he sells to local abattoirs. In early 2014, he had to sell a substantial portion of his structured settlement payments after deadly flu took a heavy toll on his animals leading to their death in dozens. Nevertheless, converting your structured settlement proceeds into a lump sum is not a lottery in Vermont as he had to toe the line by following the law.

Sell Structured Settlement Payments

Vermont Court Proceedings-How Did Henderson Participate in the Court Proceedings?

Henderson expected full throttle litigation but was later surprised by the concise manner of the courtroom session. In Vermont, the transfer process in court is summary proceedings; they do not involve adducing of evidence. The court’s authority is limited by the statute to determine whether the parties have complied with the law, examination of payee’s status to determine if it is in their best interest and relevant issues or objections from annuity issuers or dependents. His presence in court was rather brief and smooth as interested parties opted to remain neutral in the transaction. The court gave an order authorizing the sale.

Structured Settlement Funding Companies Have Two Customers in Factoring Deals-The Payee and the Court

The buyer of annuities thoroughly questioned him before plunging into the transaction. The structured settlement purchasing company requires essential details to evaluate the transaction and determine if it meets the “best interest” test before proceeding to court. The structured settlement company does this to avoid appearing in court with a barren transaction which is a waste of resources and time.  Accordingly, the structured settlement company had to convince Henderson and the tribunal that the transfer of proceeds was appropriate and compliant.

Factors Affecting Pricing for His Transaction

In the world of factoring, Henderson had to familiarize himself with the mathematical concepts to decipher the whole thing. His decision to sell arose after the projection of his monthly payments underway running for a lifetime; he saw they were better off with a finance company with perpetuity. Thus, Henderson was offered an overly low discount rate for his future income streams and raked in a high purchase price. Luckily, his payments were already coming; the company had no reason to scale up the discount rate.

What are UCC Filings and Background Checks By the Structured Settlement Company?

Before commencing the transaction, the structured settlement funding company scanned the UCC files for liens and claims. If he had already assigned his payments to another company before the Vermont SSPA, the creditor lodges a UCC financing statement proving such interest. Structured settlement funding companies engage in a high-risk industry, they have to investigate the annuity issuer for creditworthiness and the payee for various deals. Although annuity issuers like MetLife and Allstate, others such as ELNY have almost been brought to their knees by the receivership.

Leading Structured Settlement Purchasing Companies

Peachtree Financial Solutions knows the court bureaucracies to help you jump the long court queues to have your file before the judge in a shorter space of time. They will give consumers a competitive price offer, craft a compliant transfer agreement and disburse your lump sum in an instant.

SenecaOne undertakes the laborious paperwork on your behalf, makes adequate disclosures, expedites your court application with prior case number bookings and slices a fair amount from your income streams in return for a premium lump-sum amount.

Olive Branch Funding remains the industry’s unbeatable buyer due to their streamlined processing, low transactional costs, well-versed attorneys and thousands of customer advocates under their wings.

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